9pc chakra set skin gems


Now you can water the 3rdEye Chakra with a vsty of energies.

This is a listing for a set of 9 Crystal Gemstone 3rd Eye Adornments
One of a Kind, Reusable forehead jewelry.

Witch Made with crystals, Resin and metals to negate Electron Magnetic Frequencies such as 5G.
Aids in meditation, or any kind of spiritual/energy work,
Wear if you simply want to wear majik and work with Orgonite energies.

You will receive 9 Crystal Bindis
In this order

Wisdom _enhancing LAPIZ AZULI brings wonderment to your intuition.

Vibrant AMETHYST brings revitalizing spiritual connections.

Clarifying QUARTZ CRYSTAL specifically helps with meditation and focusing the mind


Uplifting CITRINE: the element of air wear to boost your creativity, when you are low to make you feel brighter.

TURQUOISE allows you to see the beauty in everything

TIGER'S EYE wear to invoke your inner Sekhmet, for the Boldness and strength associated with the Great Mother goddess )))))))O(((((((


OPALITE endows mystery and Charisma. wear to promote creativity, inspiration, and imagination. Wear Adventurine to prevent Energy Vampires from sapping your energy.
Passion igniting

RED JASPER promotes Purpose. wear to help you remember your dreams.
And for balancing your Aura and to help achieve Assertiveness towards your goals

Wear ADVENTURINE to prevent Energy Vampires from sapping your energy.

Comes with a self adhesive copper backing. The copper grounds and works as a conductor to With proper care this Adornment will last a long time and can be worn again and again! If the adhesive stops sticking, you can use eyelash glue or spirit gum for reapplication.