Anja SkinGems 4pc charkra set


Now you can water the 3rdEye Chakra with a different energy each time

This is a listing for a set of 4 Crystal Gemstone 3rd Eye Adornments
One of a Kind, Reusable forehead jewelry.

Witch Made with crystals, Resin and metals to negate Electron Magnetic Frequencies such as 5G.
Aids in meditation, or any kind of spiritual/energy work,
Wear if you simply want to wear majik and work with Orgonite energies.

You will receive 4 Crystal Bindis
OPALITE endows mystery and Charisma. wear to promote creativity, inspiration, and imagination.
Wisdom _enhancing LAPIZ AZULI brings wonderment to your intuition.
TURQUOISE allows you to see the beauty in everything
Vibrant AMETHYST brings revitalizing spiritual connections.

Comes with a self adhesive copper backing. The copper grounds and works as a conductor to With proper care this Adornment will last a long time and can be worn again and again! When the adhesive no longer sticks, use eyelash glue or spirit gum to wear