CelticCross Blackmirror


Introducing our enchanting Celtic Pagan Cross pendant, delicately etched on a mesmerizing black mirror-polished black obsidian mini disc. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this mystical accessory is a must-have for those seeking to embrace their witchy side.

The Celtic Pagan Cross symbolizes the connection between nature, spirituality, and the elements. Its intricate design represents the eternal cycle of life, making it a powerful talisman for spiritual seekers and lovers of Celtic traditions. Each etched line tells a story of ancient wisdom and invokes the energy of the sacred.

Measuring approximately 2 inches in diameter, this pendant exudes an air of mystique and elegance. The obsidian disc, known for its reflective properties, mirrors the depths of the soul and serves as a portal to other realms. Its jet-black hue adds an element of mystery, perfect for those who revel in the shadows of the night.

To complement its ethereal beauty, the pendant is suspended from a 22-inch adjustable black leather cord. This allows you to wear it at the perfect length, effortlessly pairing it with any outfit. Whether you're attending a pagan ritual, exploring the forest, or simply seeking to channel your inner witch, this pendant will be your faithful companion.

Embrace the magic that lies within and wear the Celtic Pagan Cross pendant as a reminder of your spiritual journey. Let its ancient symbols guide you on a path of self-discovery and connection with the divine. Unleash your inner enchantress with this captivating piece that fuses Celtic heritage with modern mysticism.

Note: As with all natural gemstones, please expect slight variations in color and pattern, as each obsidian disc is unique and carries its own natural beauty.