Embrace Your Inner Sorceress: Conjuring Brooms of Enchantment


This is a temporary listing for the up and coming enchanting besome making workshop a private Gathering on Zoom
Hosted by yours truly the mystical Luna Sorceress Itzpapalout aka the Obsidian Butterfly!

Step into the mystical realms of the new moon in Scorpio as we embark on a besom making workshop like no other. Join us this Sunday, November 12th, at 1 PM EST, for a portal into the depths of your magical potential. Whether you catch the livestream or enjoy the recorded playback at your own pace, this is an opportunity to harness the celestial energy and set a powerful blueprint for the years to come.

During this workshop, we will guide you through the ancient art of besom making, infusing your broom with the transformative energy of the Scorpio new moon. As Scorpio represents rebirth and deep transformation, we'll tap into its potent energy to help us manifest our intentions and desires.

For those joining the livestream, gather these materials preferably from nature to craft your besom:

1. Broomstick: go outside an Choose a broomstick that resonates with you, preferably made of organic materials like a fallen branch from a tree

2. Broomcorn or Cinnamin Broom: Find a bundle of broomcorn, or any kind fibers used for besom bristles. Look for them at craft stores or order online.

3. Dried Flowers: Select dried flowers that align with your intentions for manifestation. Roses, lavender, or marigold are excellent choices.
4. Twine or Wire: Use sturdy twine or wire to securely attach the broomcorn bristles to your broomstick.
5. Charms and Symbols: Bring forth your personal majik by incorporating charms, symbols, or crystals that hold significance to you.

If you are unable to catch the livestream, fear not! The recorded playback will be sent to you, allowing you to craft your besom on your own time, in the comfort and privacy of your home. The new moon in Scorpio's energy will remain potent, regardless of when you embark on your besom-making journey.

Now is the time to tap into the celestial energies that surround us, aligning with the transformative power of Scorpio. Let the new moon be your guide as you set your intentions and create a besom that will serve as a potent tool for manifestation and growth. Get ready to unlock your inner magic and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Join us this Sunday, November 11th, at 1 PM EST, as we embrace the new moon in Scorpio and craft besoms that are imbued with the energy of transformation. Whether you join us live or follow along at your own pace, this workshop is an invitation to weave your dreams into reality and shape your destiny.

A zoom link will be sent to your email upon RSVP. This event will be live-streamed and the playback recordings will be available through a private link.