Flower of life Mini BlackMirror


Introducing our mystical Flower of Life pendant, etched onto a mesmerizing black mirror-polished black obsidian mini disc. Immerse yourself in the sacred geometry and ancient wisdom that this enchanting accessory embodies.

The Flower of Life symbolizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and the harmony of the universe. Its intricate geometric pattern, etched with precision onto the obsidian disc, emanates powerful energy and spiritual significance. Each delicate line and curve holds the secrets of creation and the eternal cycle of life.

Measuring approximately 2 inches in diameter, this pendant exudes an aura of both elegance and mysticism. The obsidian disc, renowned for its reflective properties, acts as a portal to higher realms, reflecting the depths of your own inner journey. Its deep black hue adds an element of intrigue, perfect for those who dance between the realms of light and shadow.

Suspended from a 22-inch adjustable black leather cord, this pendant allows you to adorn yourself with grace and intention. Wear it close to your heart, and let the Flower of Life guide you on a path of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and enlightenment. Whether you're attending a ritual, communing with nature, or simply seeking to channel your inner witch, this pendant will be your constant companion.

Embrace the majik that lies within and let the Flower of Life pendant be a reminder of your divine connection. Allow its sacred geometry to infuse your being with balance, harmony, and the infinite possibilities of the universe. Become one with the mystical forces that surround you, and let your inner witch blossom with this captivating piece.

Note: Please anticipate slight variations in color and pattern, as each obsidian disc is a unique creation of nature, carrying its own innate beauty.