Golden soceress talons


Glamorously gilded, these hand crafted acrylic talons of the golden sorceress are the epitome of mystical allure. The nails are exquisitely bedecked with jewels that glimmer with an otherworldly gleam, resembling astral constellations caught in miniature.
The cresent moon charm is a goddess symbol, an ode to feminine power , fertility, and mystery.
A star graces the tip of the nail, as a symbol of positivity, happiness and renewal.
While the protective evil eye motif adorns another, a statement of defense against unseen malevolence.
These one-size-fits-all nail jewels are more than mere adornments; they're potent tailsmans of witchy empowerment and divine connection, turning the wearer's hands into a bewitching tableau of majik and might.

You will recieve 10 coffin shaped nails, free-formed rings that allow you to create a unique and customizable look for your manicure. These rings come in various sizes and designs, each one exuding its own majikal charm. You can mix and match them over your manicure, placing them strategically on your nails to enhance their beauty and create a captivating visual effect. Whether you prefer a minimalist or a more extravagant style, these rings provide endless possibilities for adorning your nails with an enchanting touch.

The set also includes additional tools, such as polish cloth, nail file and adhesive pads, to help you achieve the perfect fit.
With these features, you can wear the nail jewelry confidently, without any discomfort or sizing issues. By doing so, you can fully immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of the set.