PaPa Legba) road opener bundle


For attracting abundance and Opportunity.
Use to open roadblocks, for protection, shadow work and motivation.
Amplify your confidence. Unlock all doors.

This oil is a conjuring blend for PapaLegba workings.
Can be used for spell work , Rituals, Anointing Sacred Objects, Mojo Bags, Poppet Dolls, Anointing gemstone & Crystals, Annoint wrist, hands, behind ears, heels of feet, and Everything you would like to use it for.

Papa Legba is one of the most widely served Afrikan deities and is said to be the guardian of the crossroads and entrances.

In Haitian\New Orleans voodoo he is the intermediary between the spirit world and our realm. He is believed to speak all human languages. He is also said to be the messenger of destiny. FolkLore says that he has the power to remove obstacles in our life if we leave him proper offerings. His colors are red and black
some of his favorite things that can be used as offerings are candy, cigars, rum, and tobacco.
Comes sealed with pentacle wrapped with Coyote medicine talisman strung on an aged leather cord for you to wear.
Contains glitter, gemstones, my blended oil of natural botanicals and materials collected from nature and the crossroads.
External use only. Please do not consume!

Papalegba spell oil is a sacred talisman made of worn leather cord and offerings of healing mystical herbs 🌿 ,bones, stones and nature found items. I charged this by my papalegba corner for 3 moonphases with his medicine songs

You will receive a Recycle glass 4oz spell bottle
A ceremonial tobacoo cigar from Cuba
CharCoal tablet and sacred piece of copal resin for making your prayers visible.