Luna Soceress Circle

On sale

This is a temporary listing for the up and coming enchanting Moon private Gathering on Zoom
Hosted by yours truly the mystical Luna Sorceress Itzpapalout aka the Obsidian Butterfly!

Join us for a captivating and mystical experience at the Luna Sorceress Soiree, an online event that will immerse you in the world of witchcraft and lunar majik. Prepare to be enchanted as we embark on an evening filled with rituals, divination, and ancestral reverence.

The Luna Sorceress Soirée Lunamajik Fullmoon in Taurus Luna Eclipse event is a captivating gathering taking place on Sunday, October 22 at 1pm EST. This enchanting event will be hosted virtually on Zoom, allowing participants from around the world to join in the celestial celebration.

Immerse yourself in the mystical ambiance as the Luna Sorceress guides you through an extraordinary journey during the full moon in Taurus, a time of heightened intuition and manifestation.

During the event, you can expect a range of transformative experiences, including guided meditations, spell-casting rituals, and divination practices. Connect with fellow attendees who share a passion for lunar magic and gain insights into harnessing the lunar energy for personal growth and manifestation.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of sorcery, the Luna Sorceress Soirée Lunamajik Fullmoon in Taurus Luna Eclipse event offers a majikal opportunity to deepen your connection with the moon's energy and explore the realms of mysticism.
Don't miss out on this extraordinary experience that promises to leave you inspired and empowered.

A zoom link will be sent to your email upon RSVP. This event will be live-streamed and the playback recordings will be available through a private link.