Queen seductress) Oshun JuJu oil


YE YE OSHUN !!! is the essence of love, sweetness and good cheer, beauty and flowing joy

This is a listing for 1 0z Oshun Ritual Oil

Comes adorned with bells, Brass Pentacle, charms associated .a with her Medicine of sweetness & laughter in a Glass bottle.

The oil is brewed with her favorite sacred offerings such as cinnamon, pumpkin and honey essences. and all that glitters and shines
There is Pyrite sand in each bottle
Pyrite is Protective and known as a stone of joy and abundance.

To invoke your inner Oshun jingle the 🔔 bell bottle 5x and say her name Yeye Oshun each time.
Especially whenever you are near a river/ fresh bodies of waters to cast your Oshun blessings.
Anoint your energycenters with this oil to accentuate your beauty and sweetness! as a perfume.
Put a few drops in your bath water
Rub on your jewelry
Or on your spiritual altar tools.
When you honor Oshun Prosperity, love &happiness follows you.
She can turn anything sour into rivers of honey, spiritual prosperity & material wealth
May your life jingle with wealth of the heart to share with others. Maferefun Oshun YEYE Mother of the sweet waters 😍💛🌻💧
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