Red Gold Stacking bangles


This listing is for Set of witchmade Copper Bangles
The bangles are made of 4G thick copperwire handcut, hammered with a subtle distress design.
They're adjustable so they can slide up and down the forearm, Slip them over your hand and squeeze the ends together to achieve the perfect fit for your wrists.

How to put on your copper bangles

Some people simple slide the bangles over their hand. If you find this uncomfortable you can gently pull apart the bracelet to allow your wrist to roll into the opening, then gently close the cuff if needed for a snug fit. To take off your bangles, just reverse the process.

Copper is linked to the planet Venus
It is an excellent conductor of majikal and spiritual energy.
Wearing copper cleanse the blood 🩸
This is why copper sometimes oxides and turns green when worn. It is actually actually pulling the toxins out of your body via the blood.

How to clean your copper:

Copper will take on a brownish green patina as it ages. Buffing your cuff with a soft cloth after wearing will help maintain its look. If you prefer a shiny look use dry "0000 steel wool". Lightly buffing will shine the

You will receive five Bangles
And a free polish cloth to keep your bangles bright and shiny