PaloSanto /Selinite cleansing bundle


Purify Ground & Anchor your Higher Self with Palo Santo Selinite and feather wand

Palo Santo is called Sacred wood by the indigenous peoples of South America.

It is used for its cleansing and healing properties in medicine ceremonies such as plantmedicine , aromatherapy, meditation, energetic purification and as an effective repellent for mosquitoes.
The uplifting and pleasantly aromatic smoke enhances the vibration of any environment, facilitates creativity, and attracts positive energy for those open to its beautiful majik!

To Ignite hold the end of the stick over a flame, allow to catch and burn for a few moments, when ready fan the flame out by waving the stick with your hands don't blow it out. Allow the smoke to rise and fill your space.
The smoke promotes deep concentration, meditation, and soothes out any dense negative vibes.

This sacred wood is sustainably harvested from naturally fallen trees in the heartwood jungles of Peru. For regenerative sourcing practices, & contribute to active reforestation efforts to ensure a long-term supply of the Bursera graveolens tree for future generations.

This bundle includes a beautiful selenite stick with 5 random sized Palo Santo sticks and a selenite wand charged with a pheasant feather to bring in your creativity.

Selenite is known as a spiritual activation stone. It quickly works to open and activate the Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakra. Works to increase communication with our guides and angels and is also fast and effective at clearing the auric field from imbalance.