Winter moon Solstice Grimoiremajik Page Making Workshop

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Introducing the Wintermoon SpellBookPage Luna Grimore Majik Vol.2 Zoom Eco-Friendly Workshop!

Hosted by Goddess KaRainWater, this workshop combines the enchantment of spellbook creation with a focus on sustainability.
Join us on December 17th from 1pm to 4pm EST for a transformative experience on Zoom. (link will be provided upon registration)

Immerse yourself in the majikai world of spellbook creation while embracing eco-friendly practices.
Learn the art of crafting intricate spellbook pages, incorporating sustainable materials, and mindful techniques, guided by the wisdom of Goddess RainWater.
Discover the significance and power behind the spells and rituals contained within Luna Grimore Majik Vol.2, while exploring ways to honor nature and promote sustainability.
Engage in a hands-on workshop where you'll create your own unique spellbook page using eco-friendly materials and methods, infusing it with your intentions and love for the Earth.
Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, sharing insights, experiences, and sustainable living tips.

Event Access:
- Live Stream: Join us on Zoom at the designated time to participate in the live eco-friendly workshop experience.
For those unable to join the livestream, a recorded link will be provided post-event, allowing you to access the workshop at your convenience.

Limited spots are available, so be sure to reserve yours early.

Materials Required:
Blank spellbook page or repurpose paper
Writing materials, such as pens, pencils, or plant-based inks
Art supplies, including recycled or upcycled colored pencils, markers, or watercolors
Sustainable decorative elements like natural fibers, dried flowers, or reclaimed charms

Note: Workshop materials are not provided, and participants are encouraged to use eco-friendly alternatives and repurpose items whenever possible.

Embrace sustainability and dive into the enchanting world of spellbook crafting.
Reserve your spot today and let your creativity align with the forces of nature.
Whether you join us live or access the recorded link, a Majikal sustainable journey awaits!